Spirit Day + Dress Down Day Guidelines

At Saint Michael, we take pride in our appearance.  Our enforced uniform policy leads to positive student behavior, academic performance, school spirit, and overall success.

Additionally, throughout the year SMS supports various causes, fundraisers, and holiday celebrations during which students are allowed to dress out of uniform:  Dress Down Days and Spirit Days.  So what’s the difference and what do we wear?  Here are the details you need to know for these special out-of-uniform days.


Dress Down Day
These special days are designated as out-of-uniform days in honor of a special cause or holiday.  Children who choose to participate in these Dress Down days are asked to bring $1-2 donations towards a special cause.

What to Wear?
A themed shirt color will be assigned and can be worn with jeans or SMS gym shorts or gym sweatpants.

For example, Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.

Spirit Day

We like to show our school spirit on special days like Homecoming, Service Days, Pep Rally, and more.

What to Wear?
Any SMS apparel that has our school logos or mascots:  SMS shirts, SMS shorts or SMS sweatpants. (Gym uniforms, basketball shorts, SMS sport team t-shirts, etc. are permitted.)

For example, Homecoming Spirit Day.

***Leggings or spandex are never permitted.***

Questions?  Click here to contact the school office.