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St. Michael School holds several opportunities throughout the year for St. Michael school and parish families.

Takeout Tuesday events will result in money directly coming back to the school at participating establishments!

Several local restaurants and eateries have partnered with St. Michael School to offer a ‘Takeout Tuesday’ event where a percentage of the money spent will be donated back to St. Michael School. These events are completely optional, however, if families and friends are planning to eat out on a ‘Takeout Tuesday’ day, choosing the participating establishment will result in money directly back to the school! Many establishments offer dine-in AND carry-out options.

How often will these events occur?
‘Takeout Tuesday’ events will occur on the second Tuesday of each month. The times will vary depending on the establishment’s rules. Upcoming events and details will be available in the school newsletter and on the website.

What do I need to do?
Most events require that the specific flier or phone image be presented at the time of ordering or payment. Contact Mrs. Maureen Morrissey ( with any questions or suggestions regarding this initiative.


Scrips is a gift card program where families can purchase gift cards for every day shopping and dining experiences, or gifts where a percentage of the face value amount is rebated and can be used to offset Saint Michael tuition.  Click here for more details!

We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank and commend the entire staff of St. Michael School for the outstanding job which is being done day in and day out all during the school year. Our son is challenged, motivated and passionate about his education because he is surrounded by a great sense of professionalism.

R. FamilyFamily of Junior High Student

The welcoming environment has been wonderful. Everyone has been so helpful and our daughter just loves coming to school each day.

Preschool Family

I have always enjoyed coming to school here. My family and I like St. Mike’s for the community it has and how nice they have always been. It always brightens my day when I can walk into school and know I can talk to teachers greeting me at the door about something fun I am going to do in science class today or something I did over the weekend.

Current Student