Save with the Scrip gift card program!

Scrip is a gift card program where families can purchase gift cards for every day shopping and dining experiences, or gifts where a percentage of the face value amount is rebated and can be used to offset Saint Michael tuition.

Highlights of the Program
  • Online Ordering! No checks needed–amount is directly debited from checking or savings account.
  • MyScripWallet allows Scrip to be at your fingertips with access from your smart phone or tablet!
  • Increased variety of gift cards!
  • Go Green!
    • Many cards are now reloadable. No more carrying around multiple cards with partial values
    • Some retailers also offer e-card options. No waiting!
  • Increased convenience.  More retailers are offering ScripNow and Reloads that are available 24/7
How Do I Sign Up for Scrip?

Enrollment is easy! Simply provide the coordinators, Pamela and Brandon Faust with a valid email address and you will be sent the organization code to begin saving on your tuition!