Identify the unique learning needs of the students. Advocates for the right of all children to an appropriate education


Response to Intervention/Differentiation

Curriculum Based Measures/Bench-marking. Evidence Based Interventions. Best Practices



ICEP Team. Service Plan Team/Local District Service Providers. Parent/Guardian. Regular Education Teachers


Mrs. Peggy Manta

Junior High

I am very excited to work with our wonderful students every day. After spending several years in public education I felt that a change as needed, and Saint Michael is a wonderful fit. I hope to instill students with core academic knowledge, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Mary Beth Eck

Primary Grades

I joined St. Michael in 1998 and now concentrate on screening and providing resource services across the curriculum for students in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Besides a MS Ed I have an additional certification in the Wilson Language System.

Mrs. Mary Pat Vlaming

Reading Specialist

My classroom teaching experience at SMS over the past 25 years has been in grades 2, 3, and 5. Deciding to retire and help watch with our grandchildren was a big decision for me. Having earned my Masters Degree in Reading, I was then asked to work part-time as the Reading Specialist in conjunction with the the resource team. Working with individual students and small groups in the area of Language Arts is an extremely rewarding experience!



Referral Process

A “referral” in the context of special education services is a process asking the school district to evaluate a student to determine if the student qualifies to receive special education services. A referral can be initiated by a teacher or other school personnel involved in the student’s education or by a parent or guardian. The referral is a required first step before an evaluation can take place.

What is a Service Plan

A Services Plan (SP) is developed and implemented to the extent appropriate for each private school student with a disability who has been designated to receive special education and related services offered by the school district. The SP must be developed by a team and reviewed at least annually. Services Plans are limited and only provide the services determined by the school district.

What is an ICEP?

An ICEP is a written plan describing the special education program and/or services required by a particular student, based on a thorough assessment of the student’s strengths and needs – that is, the strengths and needs that affect the student’s ability to learn and to demonstrate learning.

An ICEP can be written for a student based on a psycho-educational evaluation administered by local school district specialists, private specialists, and medical professionals.

An ICEP is similar to an IEP but is not an IEP. An IEP is provided only to students who attend public school.

Transition to High School

Our Resource Teachers work closely with Catholic, public, and private high schools to ensure a student receives a smooth transition into the high school of their choice.

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring is used to assess students’ academic performance, to quantify a student rate of improvement or responsiveness to instruction, and to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Progress monitoring can be implemented with individual students or an entire class.

IEE - Independent Educational Evaluations

There are different types of professionals who are qualified to do a private evaluation. Some are able to do all of the necessary tests. Others specialize and are certified only in certain areas.  Professionals who can help include Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists and Neuropsychologists.

A private evaluation for learning and attention issues involves various types of tests. It also includes a review of your child’s history and a conversation with and observation of your child. It can take a few testing sessions to finish and usually involves two main things: intelligence and achievement testing, including information processing, memory and reasoning  and testing in other areas of concern presented by the parent such as speech and physical abilities.

Supportive Assistance

Our Resource Team members work hand-in-hand with our students, parents, and the local school district to provide our students with the support they need to be successful.

Communication and collaboration between school and family ensure that our students receive the best possible instructional environment that we can provide at Saint Michael School.

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