School Advisory Board

The St. Michael School Advisory Board is an organization of 11 members, which acts as an advisory board to the pastor and principal. As outlined by the Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of Catholic Education, its responsibilities are:

  • To develop, formulate, and adopt policies that will help St. Michael School to reach its goals.
  • To act as the public relations arm of the school.
  • To review and advise on the annual school budget; to set tuition rates
  • To represent its constituency through open meetings.
  • To participate in evaluation processes which are required by the Office of Catholic Education.
  • To collaborate with the pastor in hiring the principal.
  • To collaborate in the implementation and monitoring of the school’s three to five year plan
  • To determine sources of funding.


School Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the school. Parents are welcome to attend.

From the Archdiocese of Chicago

Local school boards are, by their very nature, advisory to the pastor and principal. The pastor and principal participate in all regular, special, and executive session meetings of the board. The pastor and principal participate in all deliberations of the board. The pastor has final approval of all board decisions. The principal is the executive officer of the board, in addition to other duties, and provides in-service and guidance to the board in school matters. The Archdiocesan and Elementary School Policies shall be the policies of the local board. Additional board policies may be developed as necessary to assist the principal in the operation of the school. Local board policies may not be contrary to Archdiocesan policies. (Archdiocese of Chicago, June 2008)


President: Mary Pat Carr
Vice President: Jamie Cullen
Secretary: Darrin Forbes
Treasurer: Steve Messina
LEA: Darrin Forbes

Board Members

Jennifer Beeson
Colleen Beverly
Ron Guzior
Sarah Highfill
Brendan Houlihan
Matt Koch
Andy Rybak
Krista Stalf
Peter Vrdolyak

Athletic Board Rep: Mark Bohdan
FSA Rep: Kristin Hassan + Laura Whittingham