Lent 2021


    Grade 8 (under the direction of Ms. Martinez and Mrs. King) are busily learning about The Stations of the Cross and focusing their studies on The Cross.  This is the Year of St. Joseph.  Part of our School Lenten theme focuses on Joseph…his titles, his role in raising Jesus, his role as a loving and supportive spouse to The Blessed Mother.  If you think about it, as Jesus was growing up, it was St. Joseph and The Blessed Mother who taught him his prayers, took him to the synagogue, and by their example, taught all of the virtues to Jesus. Click here to continue reading…

    Just a reminder to everyone concerning our SMS Lenten almsgiving.  We are donating to Catholic Charities this year.  For donations, CLICK HERE. If you would like to donate by check, please send a check in an envelope marked:  CATHOLIC CHARITIES LENTEN DONATION.

    Switching over to a more introspective note… if you want to improve your spiritual life this Lent, the best place to start is right where you are.  Think about these steps:
    1. Let go of a bad habit like nagging, interrupting, or lack of time.
    2. Strengthen a good habit.  Think of your three best parenting skills and really work to make them even better.
    3. Ask God to lead you, first thing, every morning.  Ask God to help you to be a better parent or guardian.  This also connects to the Lenten pillar of prayer.

    Remember to pray to St. Joseph to guide you as a parent. God must have felt Joseph was quite special to be a “father” to Jesus as he was growing up!