Every Day Fundraising

Raise money for Saint Michael School.

The goal of this program is to raise money for Saint Michael School WITHOUT costing more money out of the household budget.

How can this be done?

Many retailers offer school loyalty programs where coupons or redemption codes can be submitted in return for cash or educational tools for schools.

What happens with the money that the school receives?

The monies received are funneled directly back into the classroom and school programs for the benefit of all children.  The total amount earned will help dictate how it will be used.  Information will be posted each school year once available.


Please contact any of the coordinators with Every Day (EZ) fundraising questions, suggestions on program enhancements or new initiatives.

Every Day (EZ) Fundraising Initiatives

Box Tops for Education®

Box Tops is one of the nation’s largest school loyalty programs. Look for products that carry the pink Box Tops stamp, clip it out, place on a redemption sheet or in a zip top bag and submit to the school or place in the collection box in the Narthex. Each Box Top is worth 10¢ and Bonus Box Tops are worth even more! May retailers offer eBoxTops—these can be redeemed on the Box Tops for Education website and credited to our school!


For a complete list of participating retailers, visit the Box Tops for Education® website and sign up to redeem eBoxTops and earn more coupons!


Remember, the classroom competition is BACK! (see information below) The classroom with the most submissions by May 1, 2016 wins a very special prize!


Program Coordinators:  Kerri Fei and Andrea Quinn (stmikeboxtops@gmail.com)

Jewel-Osco Labels for Education®

Earning Box Tops has gotten even easier.  Box Tops for Education and JEWEL-OSCO have joined together to create Growing Local Learning, a program to help shoppers earn cash for their schools. Register for free at http://www.growinglocallearning.com and earn electronic Box Tops for St. Michael School just for registering, plus earn additional electronic Box Tops when General Mills products are purchased at no additional cost!

Campbell Soup Labels for Education®

The Labels for Education® program is a school fundraising program designed for busy families.  Save and redeem UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from participating products and Saint Michael School can earn a variety of free educational products. The product caps or UPCs should be placed in an envelope marked ‘Campbells’ and submitted to school or placed in the box in the Narthex.


Visit the program website for additional information. Please contact Cindy Noska (cpn404@att.net)  with any questions or coordination interest.

Tyson Project A+®

The Tyson Project A+® is yet another simple way to support St. Michael School.  Clip the Tyson Project A+ labels from packages of Tyson® products, place in an envelope marked ‘Tyson’ and submit to the school or place in the box in the Narthex.  St. Michael School receives 24¢ for every label received up to 50,000 labels per year! Visit the program website for additional details.


Program Coordinators:  Kerri Fei and Andrea Quinn (stmikesboxtops@gmail.com)

Target Take Charge for Education®

Register your Target Red Card (Visa, Debit or Target card) under St. Michael School (school code 5711) and not only will you receive 5% off your Target purchases and free shipping at target.com, 1% of your pre-tax purchases made at Target stores or Target.com will be donated back to Saint Michael School automatically!  No clipping and submitting needed.


Visit the Target website for detailed information on the program and how to enroll!

Family of Junior High Student

"We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank and commend the entire staff of St. Michael School for the outstanding job which is being done day in and day out all during the school year. Our son is challenged, motivated and passionate about his education because he is surrounded by a great sense of professionalism." - R. Family

Preschool Family

"The welcoming environment has been wonderful. Everyone has been so helpful and our daughter just loves coming to school each day."

Current Student

"I have always enjoyed coming to school here. My family and I like St. Mike's for the community it has and how nice they have always been. It always brightens my day when I can walk into school and know I can talk to teachers greeting me at the door about something fun I am going to do in science class today or something I did over the weekend."
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