Takeout Tuesdays

2nd Tuesday of every month

Takeout Tuesday events will result in money directly coming back to the school at participating establishments!

Several local restaurants and eateries have partnered with St. Michael School to offer a ‘Takeout Tuesday’ event where a percentage of the money spent will be donated back to St. Michael School. These events are completely optional, however, if families and friends are planning to eat out on a ‘Takeout Tuesday’ day, choosing the participating establishment will result in money directly back to the school! Many establishments offer dine-in AND carry-out options.

How often will these events occur?

‘Takeout Tuesday’ events will occur on the second Tuesday of each month. The times will vary depending on the establishment’s rules. Upcoming events and details will be available in the school newsletter and on the website.

What do I need to do?

Most events require that the specific flier be presented at the time of ordering or payment.


Contact Mrs. Maureen Morrissey (mmorrissey@saintmike.org) with any questions or suggestions regarding this initiative.

Upcoming Events

Chipotle 15240 S. LaGrange Road

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