The students will learn about the Spanish culture as it is experienced in Mexico, Spain, and Latin America. The history and observances of Mexican Independence Day, Day of the Dead, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Christmas, Holy Week, and Cinco de Mayo will be studied.



At each level, the children will learn vocabulary for colors, numbers, seasons, months, days, family, clothing, animals, and community in an age-appropriate style. Grammar concepts such as articles, adjective placement and agreement are presented from the first stages and accelerate through the grade levels. Grades Four and Five are introduced to verb usage and the foundation of verb conjugation.


Connection Across Curriculum

Religion topics are presented through the study of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the holy seasons of Christmas and Holy Week. Music and song are a part of every class! Many times students research Spanish customs for major holidays. Every time a new topic is presented, a bi-lingual book from the library is read to the children.

Mrs. Linda Mata


Hola! My name is Maestra Mata. I have taught at St. Michael School since 1974 and I established the Junior High Spanish Program in 1995. In 2009 I expanded the World Language Program to begin in PK-4. I have an endorsement in Spanish and French and a Master’s Degree from St. Xavier University in Education: Teaching and Leadership. World Languages are my passion!

I also coordinate the Virtues program of the Nashville Dominicans within our school. Students learn about and explore ways to practice a different virtue each month. I am honored to work with this plan. Catholic education is most important to me.

All lesson plans at these introductory levels are based on the Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner. We all learn best in different ways… and because of this, Spanish classes are based on activities that reach out to kinesthetic learners, visual learners, intrapersonal learners… and so many more.


St. Michael School is proud of a World Language program that spans ten years. This leads to many of our graduates testing out of beginning level Spanish and starting with Spanish II or Spanish II Honors.


Hasta luego, amigos.

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