All students will understand how to perceive the elements of music.



All students will learn to read and perform music.



Students will demonstrate an affective response to music and understand the role music plays in their faith.

Music study is essential to the education process because it develops:
  • Intellectual skills required to comprehend the language of music

  • Interpersonal skills through participation in general music, vocal, and instrumental ensembles

  • A broader understanding of history

  • An understanding of the role of music in other cultures

  • Performance skills commensurate with individual ability and interest


Music study is achieved by having the student:
  • PERFORM: developing musicianship through singing, playing instruments, and moving to music

  • CREATE: using the notational tools of music to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings; includes individual approaches to improvisation

  • INVESTIGATE: utilizing the study of music theory for music reading; analyzing the manner through which music is organized; making informed judgments about music and arts

  • CONNECT:  awareness of the commonality between music and other disciplines

Mrs. Jennifer Trippiedi


I am very blessed to be a former parent as well as music teacher at St. Michael School. I have a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from DePaul University. It is a joy to make music with the students throughout the year in general music class, at all school masses and the middle school musical.

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