We learn about our individual gifts given to us by the Author of creativity. God wants us to use the gifts He gave us. ``Do not hide your light under a bushel” Matthew 5:15.


Life Skills

In art class, students learn how to follow directions to successfully complete a project. All projects are explained and outlined so, if followed, the student can be proud of the outcome. Problem solving in art class can be applied to all subjects.



We learn to appreciate art on a global level when we look at different cultures and the history of art. It is interesting to see how artists use their art to deal with the joys and problems of their lives, whenever and wherever they live.

The St. Michael art program gives each student the opportunity to express their creativity in a classroom setting. Our projects become increasingly more challenging to help the student grow in understanding and in experience. Skills can be developed and imagination is encouraged. Fun just follows along.

Mrs. Carlin Glennon


I have the best job in the world, teaching art to our very imaginative children, K- 8th grade. Every day, we get to create and enjoy lots of different art techniques.

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