Pastor's Message

Dear School Parents,

I feel blessed to be part of this great and beautiful parish and I hope you will share the same feeling. Like you, I am convinced that the Lord led me to this parish. Like you, I am honored and grateful to be here. So, in the name of St. Michael Parish and School I say welcome.


We are blessed with dedicated and loving staff and support staff, powerful and generous parents, good and kind children who are eager to learn and are excited about Jesus. We are not perfect, but there is so much goodness and potential that our future is secure and bright.


The charism of our school flows from the charism of our parish. St. Michael School is a Parish School and not a private school. This means that it is absolutely essential that our school families worship with us each weekend. That is how we all catch the vision of what Jesus wants from us.


Please feel welcome and accepted and affirmed. Thank you for trusting us with your children. You as parents are the first teachers of your children in the ways of faith. As is said in the Baptism Ritual, may you also be the best of teachers in all you say and do. We are – if you will – your cheerleaders. We work with you to bring the best out of your children and to make sure that they are filled with faith and conviction and enthusiasm. What an exciting journey we take together.


Thru St. Michael, the Archangel,


Rev. Paul C. Burak

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