Nurse's Office

Keeping our students healthy

St. Michael School is blessed to have a nurse in our building on all school days to ensure our students health needs are met. Our nurses help to monitor student allergies, blood sugar, stomach aches, bumps, bruises, and a myriad of other health needs.

Mrs. Nettie Grudowski


Nurse Nettie received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St. Xavier College, and started helping in the clinic when her son started here - 1997. She became official staff and took over the clinic for the previous nurse in 2001.

Mrs. Millie Allocco


Nurse Millie holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana University Northwest and has been a part of the St. Michael Family since 2014. She is not only the nurse but a school parent as well.

Family of Junior High Student

"We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank and commend the entire staff of St. Michael School for the outstanding job which is being done day in and day out all during the school year. Our son is challenged, motivated and passionate about his education because he is surrounded by a great sense of professionalism." - R. Family

Preschool Family

"The welcoming environment has been wonderful. Everyone has been so helpful and our daughter just loves coming to school each day."

Current Student

"I have always enjoyed coming to school here. My family and I like St. Mike's for the community it has and how nice they have always been. It always brightens my day when I can walk into school and know I can talk to teachers greeting me at the door about something fun I am going to do in science class today or something I did over the weekend."
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